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Moving the Goalposts

For International Women’s Day, the amazing folks at Girls on Film are putting on an evening of female football films, including the cult classic Bend it Like Beckham. There’s also a panel discussion where I’ll be speaking about the Laces, alongside documentary film maker Fleur Cousens who’ll be talking about her latest project Who Moved the Goalposts. Come along!

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Time Machines: Daniel Weil and the art of design

Time Machines: Daniel Weil and the art of design, curated by Martina Margetts is currently showing the Design Museum and is well worth a visit. Marcus Field, critic for the Evening Standard writes, “every design exhibition should be as thoughtful and engaging as this one”.

Daniel Weil is a designer, maker, thinker, teacher – and much more. After his arrival in London from Argentina in 1978 he attended, and then later taught at the RCA before setting up his own practice and then joining Pentagram as a partner in 1992.

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North of the Sun

The Banff Mountain Film Festival world tour is currently making its rounds in the UK. Each year the World Tour curates the best mountain films to show – films that inspire and amaze in equal measure. My favourite by far was North of the Sun, a film about two friends who spend nine months surfing near the arctic circle, living off the land, free from technology, enjoying their own little piece of paradise.

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Football Photography

Next week, the incredibly talented Jenny Simmons will be showing some of her football photography at Shutterbug London, in support of Hackney Laces. Over the past year she has taken photos of the girls at training and during some of our ‘off the pitch’ activities. Here’s a sneak peak ..

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YTFN’s 5th Birthday Bash



Tell all your friends! The Funding Network is turning five and they’re having a party. And, I’ve just found out that Hackney Laces will be one of the three projects listed above, pitching for funding. I’m both nervous and excited and would really love to have some familiar faces in the crowd, so please do come along!

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Feed and Read


Since taking a sabbatical from 11-aside football on Sundays I’ve been looking for something to fill the void, something to occupy those extra 6 hours on my weekend. And I think I’ve found it. Feed and Read. Cake and books. Best sunday ever, basically.

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Hackney Laces Launch

It’s time. Time to celebrate with friends and family all that has become of Hackney Laces and let everyone know how they can get involved. Please come and bring along your friends x

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The Dinner Party

If teleportation was real, I would teleport to Toronto on November 19th to go to this Dinner Party. In addition to the evening’s proceeds supporting a great cause – The Stop Community programmes – my very talented, very clever sister Missy will be one of the guest chefs. I won’t embarrass her too bad here, but I will say she a very good chef and you won’t be disappointed. Tickets are available here.

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Blog Action Day 2012: The Power of We

10 years ago, Facebook was still an idea and Google wasn’t used as a verb. Encyclopaedias lived in libraries, and tweet was the sound a bird made.

And now, the internet more so than any other platform in the past decade has changed the way we connect to the world, how we do business, receive and share information and so much more. It has even saved lives.

For Blog Action Day this year (a day where bloggers all over the world write for a cause), the theme is ‘the Power of We’. With the help of the internet we can now make a difference in ways we couldn’t in the past. We can now mobilise millions of people to support causes. We can crowdfund. And share energy. And the list goes on.

To fall in line with this year’s theme I thought it would only be appropriate for to help others to be the ‘we’ and be a part of something. So I’ve found five things you can do with a click of a mouse. Easy peasy.

1. Save the Arctic.

2. Stop land grabs.

3. Share GOOD inspiration with your friends.

4. Support a project that could change peoples’ lives.

5. Pledge to make difference – and then get others to join you.

To find out more about Blog Action Day, how you can get involved and to see some lovely posts, visit:


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Renegade Craft Fair

The Renegade Craft Show is back in London this weekend. It’s amazing. You should go.

Ps- Whilst you’re there check out stand 49 for some beautiful things made by the lovely Maria.