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As an expat living in the UK, I’ve become reliant on things like the BBC to find out what’s been going on back home. And recently, I do feel like I’m missing a lot of excitement, like:

1.  A maple syrup factory being robbed.

2. A cheese smuggling ring being broken up.

3. A monkey in a sheepskin jacket chilling out in IKEA

Canada is a very special place. I miss home.

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The Dinner Party

If teleportation was real, I would teleport to Toronto on November 19th to go to this Dinner Party. In addition to the evening’s proceeds supporting a great cause – The Stop Community programmes – my very talented, very clever sister Missy will be one of the guest chefs. I won’t embarrass her too bad here, but I will say she a very good chef and you won’t be disappointed. Tickets are available here.