Weekly transmission

The most commonly used opening line of every newsletter, email and other comms I’ve received this week as a response to coronavirus is “we’re living in unprecendented times”. One anomaly was from the To Write Love on Her Arms team which led with “Hope will not be cancelled”. That’s my mantra of the moment right now.

I’m starting a newsletter. In the absence of sharing recommendations and inspiration in person with friends and family, I’ll do it virtually. Starting now ..

  1. Listen to this podcast, ‘The Case of the Missing Hit’ about when an earworm (song you can’t get out of your head) turns into an obsession.
  2. Sign up to your local mutual aid group. In addition to being there for your neighbourhood, it’s a brilliant reminder of the humanity in people.
  3. Watch this dog fly into a pile of leaves. Oh Stella, such a funny pup.

PS – The above is not my newsletter. It’s a preview of what’s to come. Drop me a line if you want to subscribe.

Government Inspiration women

Because someone has to be first

In this film, an older generation of women share their experiences of inequality and their hopes for  future generations. Now, girls can do anything – even run for president of the USA.

Hackney Laces Inspiration women

The future is female

Why is the future female? Because talent has no gender.

Huge thanks to U-dox for producing this and including me beside such inspiring women.

Digital Inspiration Projects I like Social Innovation Technology


What’s the longest you’ve had to wait for something? Was it even worth waiting for? This simple idea, rooted in human behaviour is so impactful because it makes you think about what really matters.

Since c. 2008, I’ve had an idea that you could use tech to facilitate organ donation. Not in a sinister black market kidney sale kind of way, but more a connected, open, live saving sort of vibe. Ask Anna Maybank, she’ll confirm how much I talk and have talked about this. She thinks it’s illegal (I think she’s right).

advertising community Digital Inspiration Travel

An open world


(H/T Matt Harmer)

CSR Environment Inspiration

Making Profit and a Difference

Everytime you spend money you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want”. – Anna Lappe

The investment industry is changing. Sustainable investment is the fastest growing segment of the investment industry –  and its worth 3 trillion dollars.  Audrey Choi makes a compelling case about why we should ‘vote’ with our investment dollars. 

Brands Communications Inspiration


“There’s this really smart scientist guy who said that people can learn a lot from dogs. He said that when someone you love walks through the door, even if it’s five times a day you should go totally insane with joy”. 

For the next seven minutes do nothing but watch this film. It’s beautiful.

Books Environment Fashion Inspiration

Conscious Consumption


Naturally drawn to Sarah Lazarovic’s book A Bunch of Pretty Things I did Not Buy because of its neon orange cover and hand written type, I almost read the whole book in the shop (not because I didn’t intend on buying it) because it sucked me in. Lazarovic takes you on a journey – her journey tracking the relationship she has with stuff and her decision not to buy things. Rather than reiterate a narrative around how bad fast fashion is for this world, she crafts a charming and powerful manifesto “The buyerarchy of needs” illustrated through personal anecdotes and a guide to buying things that are made to last, encouraging readers to think before they spend.

Friday finds Inspiration

Friday Finds

Here’s a random selection of things I’ve come across this week.

1. A player powered football pitch. The first of its kind, the pitch is based in Brazil and harnesses player’s energy whilst they play, lighting the pitch at night. The inaugural match was played this week.

 2. New York Standards Manual. A project on Kickstart created by Pentagrammers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth that aims to reprint the Massimo Vignelli designed 1970. Back it.

3. The ‘slash’ career types. I’m definitely one of these. 

Art Design Events Inspiration London

Time Machines: Daniel Weil and the art of design

Time Machines: Daniel Weil and the art of design, curated by Martina Margetts is currently showing the Design Museum and is well worth a visit. Marcus Field, critic for the Evening Standard writes, “every design exhibition should be as thoughtful and engaging as this one”.

Daniel Weil is a designer, maker, thinker, teacher – and much more. After his arrival in London from Argentina in 1978 he attended, and then later taught at the RCA before setting up his own practice and then joining Pentagram as a partner in 1992.