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Naturally drawn to Sarah Lazarovic’s book A Bunch of Pretty Things I did Not Buy because of its neon orange cover and hand written type, I almost read the whole book in the shop (not because I didn’t intend on buying it) because it sucked me in. Lazarovic takes you on a journey – her journey tracking the relationship she has with stuff and her decision not to buy things. Rather than reiterate a narrative around how bad fast fashion is for this world, she crafts a charming and powerful manifesto “The buyerarchy of needs” illustrated through personal anecdotes and a guide to buying things that are made to last, encouraging readers to think before they spend.

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5 Inspiring Things

1. This beautiful piece of writing by Charles Warnke on why you should date a girl who can’t read.

2. Jenny Simmon’s website ‘Team Manon’, featuring stunning football photography.

3. Ada’s List, a growing online community of inspiring women in tech.

4. These lovely accessories made by women in Mozambique from scrap metal.

5. The book What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self. 40 kick ass women offering timeless, tangible wisdom.

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Feed and Read


Since taking a sabbatical from 11-aside football on Sundays I’ve been looking for something to fill the void, something to occupy those extra 6 hours on my weekend. And I think I’ve found it. Feed and Read. Cake and books. Best sunday ever, basically.