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Since taking a sabbatical from 11-aside football on Sundays I’ve been looking for something to fill the void, something to occupy those extra 6 hours on my weekend. And I think I’ve found it. Feed and Read. Cake and books. Best sunday ever, basically.


Setup by Jo and Holly, Feed and Read is a pop-up book shop where you can go to read and swap books whilst drinking tea and eating cake. You can also buy very cute homemade gifts – made from old books, of course.


They’ve also created a lovely peer review system through book marks where you can leave review the book you’ve read, and in turn when you swap you can read someone else’s review of a book. It’s interesting to pick up a book and see if and why someone else enjoyed it.



This instalment of Feed and Read was at Bearspace Gallery on Deptford high road. Jo and Holly made the space festive and cozy with decorations and bunting made from old books and children sized furniture on loan from a nearby school.


There was also this little guy. I considered stealing him. But that wouldn’t have been very nice.


Check out their blog and watch this space for the next, it’s a really nice way to chill out on a weekend.


  1. This is a wonderful idea! Pop-ups are awesome and clearly not a Canadian thing. Maybe someday, eh? I particularly like the Reader’s Review tags.

  2. Lovely write-up, such a great event. That’s my little pupster there, her name’s Elkie. She’s a cutie, except she wee’d on the floor of the gallery…oops.

  3. I’m sorry I said I wanted to steal your dog, you know what I mean 😉 It was very funny when she wee’d. I thought it was water …

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