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If I could tell you

This beautiful little film made by Aram Atkinson manages to capture Canada – in about 90 seconds.

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Sick Isn’t Weak

Ok, so this new ad for SickKids is full on. But it’s also a nice break of convention. Heart-breaking stories, photos of people suffering, stats about all the injustices in this world – whilst are very important to share – end up getting lost in a sea of other really great, worthy causes because people are fatigued by the same types of stories.

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Lucky Iron Fish

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There’s a proverb that gets used a lot in community development: “give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” Canadian based company Lucky Iron Fish inadvertently subvert this saying with their simple yet life-changing tool – a fish capable of supplying a family with 75% of their daily iron intake. By purchasing one lucky iron fish, two families in Cambodia will be given a fish of their own to drop into a pot whilst cooking, facilitating the release of iron into their meal.

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North of the Sun

The Banff Mountain Film Festival world tour is currently making its rounds in the UK. Each year the World Tour curates the best mountain films to show – films that inspire and amaze in equal measure. My favourite by far was North of the Sun, a film about two friends who spend nine months surfing near the arctic circle, living off the land, free from technology, enjoying their own little piece of paradise.

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A Softer World


A couple of years ago, my friend Lorena introduced me to the website ‘a softer world’. Since then it’s the first thing I check in my RSS feed everyday.

Emily Horne takes the photos and works on the design of the comics and Joey Comeau writes the copy. Beautiful stuff. Here are a couple of my favourites.

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This beer fridge is reason enough to carry my passport around with me. What a genius campaign – well done Rethink. I wonder if this means Molson Canadian is coming to bars and pubs in Europe soon?

Ps – Happy 146th Birthday Canada.