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What’s the longest you’ve had to wait for something? Was it even worth waiting for? This simple idea, rooted in human behaviour is so impactful because it makes you think about what really matters.

Since c. 2008, I’ve had an idea that you could use tech to facilitate organ donation. Not in a sinister black market kidney sale kind of way, but more a connected, open, live saving sort of vibe. Ask Anna Maybank, she’ll confirm how much I talk and have talked about this. She thinks it’s illegal (I think she’s right).

Football Projects I like

Immortal Fans

Do you love your football club enough to want your organs to live on in another fan once you pass? The passion of your support would live on in the person who receives your organs. You’d be an immortal fan. “Promise your heart will beat for another fan”. Genius.

This is yet another amazing campaign that uses football to make a real difference – and most of these ideas seem to stem from famous footballing nation, Brazil. For example, this team that lost it’s stripes to encourage blood donations and this team that pulled off a stunt to show the rate of deforestation in Brazil.

Ps- Hat tip to Jess Lamond for sharing