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If I could tell you

This beautiful little film made by Aram Atkinson manages to capture Canada – in about 90 seconds.

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An open world


(H/T Matt Harmer)

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Random Observations About Hong Kong


1) Because space is hard to come by and many people live in incredibly small flats, there’s a strong culture of dining out for most meals. There are more than 10,000 restaurants – which means even if you ate a different one everyday it would take you nearly 10 years to try them all. And that’s assuming that none closed down or any new ones opened.

2) Pineapple buns in Hong Kong are just like tiger bread in the UK. Neither contain their namesake.


A Change of Scenery

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 00.24.26

For the next few months I’m taking a break from London and will be working in Hong Kong. It sounds insane to say that I’m taking a break from London only to move to a city just as populous, however, Wikipedia has informed me that London is the 23rd biggest city in the world whereas Hong Kong ranks 30th. So I guess that’s something. A few less people.

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CITIx60 are a new series of guide books for some of the most creative hubs around the world. Published by viction:ary, each book features recommendations a select group of local artists, designers, illustrators, chefs, musicians, photographers and more.

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A Travel Guide Anywhere


This sweet little box is full of fun. Created by designer Magda Lipka Falck, this game is meant to surprise and delight people in equal measure, wherever they may be.


There are many versions available both digitally and in print. Have a look.

Ps – Thanks Marina for such a lovely gift.


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Conscious Consumption in the Capital

This week sees the launch of London’s first ever Good and Green Guide – a carefully curated guide book that helps visitors and residents of London navigate their way around in a sustainable fashion. It’s timely for London as millions of visitors will be coming into town for the upcoming Olympic games and they’ll be able to experience an alternative way of spending their time and money here.

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Slum Safaris. Not a Good Thing.

Upon a recent trip to Kenya, I was asked by my host family if I’d like to go on a slum safari. At first I thought it was a joke and then shortly clocked that it wasn’t. Slum safaris – these are real! Foreigners can pay money to go on a tour of Kibera in Kenya, East Africa’s largest slum.

This is reality tourism. And poverty shouldn’t be entertainment. Nor a good photography opp. It’s  dehumanising. Like a zoo. Or an exhibition. I think most of us would be unsettled if people paid money to walk around our house and see how we lived.

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The Man with the Arsenal Tattoo

Here’s a scenario: you’re in Kenya, somewhere between the rift valley and Nairobi. The car you’re in gets a flat tyre. Your driver doesn’t speak much english. So you sit on the road side looking at the trees thinking of ways to pass the time.

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Two Great Cities. One Amazing Photographer.

These are such beautifully shot films of time lapsed images from around Toronto and Ottawa.

The super talented Ryan Emond made ‘Toronto Tempo’ as well as the one below called ‘Capital Cruising’.

I’m in awe (and a bit homesick).