Weekly transmission

The most commonly used opening line of every newsletter, email and other comms I’ve received this week as a response to coronavirus is “we’re living in unprecendented times”. One anomaly was from the To Write Love on Her Arms team which led with “Hope will not be cancelled”. That’s my mantra of the moment right now.

I’m starting a newsletter. In the absence of sharing recommendations and inspiration in person with friends and family, I’ll do it virtually. Starting now ..

  1. Listen to this podcast, ‘The Case of the Missing Hit’ about when an earworm (song you can’t get out of your head) turns into an obsession.
  2. Sign up to your local mutual aid group. In addition to being there for your neighbourhood, it’s a brilliant reminder of the humanity in people.
  3. Watch this dog fly into a pile of leaves. Oh Stella, such a funny pup.

PS – The above is not my newsletter. It’s a preview of what’s to come. Drop me a line if you want to subscribe.