CITIx60 are a new series of guide books for some of the most creative hubs around the world. Published by viction:ary, each book features recommendations a select group of local artists, designers, illustrators, chefs, musicians, photographers and more.

Selfie on the Bund

Department store mascots. First floor views. Naps on the move. Abandoned boots. This is Selfie on the Bund, a photo book by Alex Johns. The 36 page book documents journeys through the various districts of Shanghai, capturing curious and humourous views. I just received mine, lucky number 8. You can check it out here.  


(Card from Print Smitten on Etsy) For years my sister had a special word on reserve for moments when it’d been a while since I’d eaten. Hangry. The combination of being hungry and angry. Anger caused by hunger. Hangry is an example of portmanteau: the joining of two words to create a new one, with… Continue reading Portmanteau

Don’t Eat Ants (And 59 Other Things Mum Taught Us)

Today my mum turns 60. For months my sister and I tried decide what we should do for her. What sort of gift or gesture would do justice everything she has done for us, our family, friends and the community. Our mum is an incredibly modest woman. She is never boastful, never seeking attention or… Continue reading Don’t Eat Ants (And 59 Other Things Mum Taught Us)

‘Made With’ by John Grant

John Grant is one of my heroes. He is a brilliant brand strategist, ideas generator and in the words of my boss Naresh, he’s a “one man think tank”. He is truly inspiring. When I did my masters, John’s book The New Marketing Manifesto was on my required reading list at London School of Economics. Through… Continue reading ‘Made With’ by John Grant