Crowdfunding Atheletes

I do love a good crowdfunding platform, and Pursuit is my most recent find. It’s a site that allows amateur athletes in Canada the chance to gain support to achieve their athletic goals. Athletes can create a profile, share their ambitions and experience and then offer something, called a ‘Give back’ for their supporters on a… Continue reading Crowdfunding Atheletes

Jack Layton, you were a good man.

Today was a sad day. Jack Layton, New Democratic Party leader of Canada passed away. He will be sorely missed. Regardless of political affiliation, you have to admire Jack for his optimism and genuine desire to make Canada, and the world a better place. Even in death his work and vision will live on and… Continue reading Jack Layton, you were a good man.

We are the lucky ones

Recently I came across the most heartbreaking and moving blog post I’ve ever seen. A man called Derek Miller, wrote and published his last blog post, ever. I suppose one should expect more online legacies and tributes in the increasingly connected digital space but this was the first post-mordem post I’ve ever come across. Derek… Continue reading We are the lucky ones