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CITIx60 are a new series of guide books for some of the most creative hubs around the world. Published by viction:ary, each book features recommendations a select group of local artists, designers, illustrators, chefs, musicians, photographers and more.

Art Clients Projects I like

My Favourite Illustrators

Some more love from Huntley Muir. When I sent over a list of things they needed to do (part of the digital strategy I’m helping them with) they sent me this in response:

(As in they are knuckling down). Best clients ever.

Oh and ps- this is the Olympic stamp they were commissioned to draw. Cool, eh?


The New Kid on the Block

Last night saw the launch of the Andor Bureau, a new cafe and gallery space on Mare street, just beside the canal. Replacing Eddie’s cafe, the greasy spoon that used to occupy the space, Andor is really a nice addition to the area.

What should one expect from Andor Bureau? An array of different art exhibitions, film screenings and events, in addition to locally sourced food, Mommouth coffee and lovely homemade cakes.

Also, I hear the chef they have lined up is pretty good to. He might just be my other half. Ignore the bias and go check it out for yourself. 3 Mare Street, E8 4RP.

UPDATE: Timeout did a little review on the cafe. You can read it here.

Projects I like

Before I Die I Want To …

A sad and abandoned house is awaiting its demise. Rather than watch passively as it confronts its fate, artist Candy Chang decided to create a place for others to empathise with the house by facing their own mortality and sharing the things they’d like to do before they die.

This is one of those public art projects that is so imaginative, so inspirational and so good you wish that was in your neighbourhood. But, by the sounds of it, Candy is in the process of sorting out large stencils so it’s easy to reproduce. I can’t wait! It’s such a beautiful, original and interactive project.

(Spotted on Brain Pickings)