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Nice and Equal

Woman are underrepresented in the creative industry. Study upon study shows gaps in pay; job function; seniority …

I work at Nice and Serious. As  a studio of 17 in London and 3 in New York, we have 6 women. 3 are in project management roles, 2 creatives and one in senior management. Whilst we are above industry average, we know there’s so much more to do. There’s also so much more we need to understand about the issue. Why aren’t we getting more job applications from women? How can we attract women to both us as an agency and the industry as a whole?

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Because someone has to be first

In this film, an older generation of women share their experiences of inequality and their hopes for  future generations. Now, girls can do anything – even run for president of the USA.

The future is female

Why is the future female? Because talent has no gender.

Huge thanks to U-dox for producing this and including me beside such inspiring women.

The Strength of Haiti

Photo: Thibault Carron

Photo: Thibault Carron

“I photographed Haiti’s strength — its women.”  – Thibault Carron

Photographers Mikaël Theimer and Thibault Carron have taken some stunning portraits of women in Haiti as part of their Humans of Montréal project.

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Red Trees

Red Trees Kickstarter 07

In addition to being a Pentagram partner, brilliant designer and all round inspiring person, with a huge heart, Marina willer also makes films. And her latest one is the the most personal story she’s ever told.

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This Girl Can

Sport England’s latest campaign to get more girls playing sport has completely hit the mark. This Girl Can takes an honest, unapologetic approach aimed at empowering females to get involved in physical activity.

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Future Women in Tech


This is a letter by a woman (@bitchwhocodes) to her niece is filled with both frustration and hope. As I was reading it, I couldn’t help but replace the word ‘female developer’ to lots of other male dominated vocations: Footballer; Engineer; Pilot; Supreme Court Judge. And the message is still the same. Male or female, it shouldn’t matter so long as you’re capable of doing your job and you do it well.

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Women and Sport

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have sport in my life. I’ve also been lucky to have a really supportive mum (and aunt) who drove me to practises and games, made sure I had the right equipment, nutrition and encouragement. I’ve also always been given the opportunity to play. Where I grew up, there were more sports activities taking place than I had hours in a day. And I had equal opportunity to play. Yet, in so many other places, both in Canada and in the world, this is not the case.

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This is the 21st Century, Right?

On Saturday I was watching the Liverpool v. Wolverhampton match and to my delight I saw that there was a woman running the lines.

It is very uncommon and rarely happens that you’ll see a female official in a premier league match. In fact, Sian Massey is the second woman official in the premier league – ever! But of course, let the sexism ensue. During the match, Sky Sports commentators actually questioned her ability as a linesperson referring to her knowledge of the offside rule and then continued to question the presence of a woman as an assistant referee. The 25 year old lineswoman had been promoted to the premier league this season, this being her second appearance officiating a match, clearly based on ability, and needless to say she obviously knows the offside rule. You can see that she knows the offside rule when she deems this run made by Meireles on side. That call would have been a close call for anyone to make, male or female. But the bottom line is, she got it right.

If you’d like to see what the sky commentators Andy Gray and Richard Keys actually said, check it out as reported by the Guardian. Seriously not cool.

(This little rant is very much related to something I wrote about here on the State of Women’s Football)