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It’s amazing how well trained our brains are at processing design cues and language on signs. These playful, positive signs were designed by Click Design Consultants for the National Trust. And they are ace.

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Why Football Matters

Using football as a medium to appeal to the masses is a very clever thing to do.

WWF teamed up with Brazilian agency Grey 141 to raise awareness of deforestation in Brazil. Every four minutes the equivalent of a football field is clear cut, so what better medium to use than a football field to show the damage? And then of course hijack four minutes of a game to show the real rate of clear cutting.

It’s a brilliant stunt – and apparently led to an increase of 73% traffic to WWF’s website.

PS – Another brilliant Brazilian Football thing is the team that lost their red stripes until enough blood was donated to their local blood bank.

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This Because

My good friend Zoe has just set up quite a brilliant thing: This Because.


This Because is a website containing a carefully curated collection of products that are made resourcefully and help people live generously. It gives you a selection of products that aren’t just self-serving, products that benefit others in the process – be it sausages where a portion of the cost gets donated to impoverished areas, or upcycled purses that helps raise money for Women for Orphans and Widows. Products range from food to household items to clothing and each product tells the story of the cause and/or craft you’re supporting with your purchase.

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Bottles Made From Ocean Debris

Our oceans are filled with plastic. Plastic that comes from the products we buy, carrier bags we dispose of and materials we discard.

Companies, both big and small have the choice to act and be proactive about the role they play in polluting the seas. Sadly few do.

Insert method: a lovely little soap American soap company.

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Spotted on the High Road

Ah, how funny branding can be. It’s all in the name. Here are a few jems I spotted while out and about last week.