Immortal Fans

Do you love your football club enough to want your organs to live on in another fan once you pass? The passion of your support would live on in the person who receives your organs. You’d be an immortal fan. “Promise your heart will beat for another fan”. Genius. This is yet another amazing campaign… Continue reading Immortal Fans

Why Football Matters

Using football as a medium to appeal to the masses is a very clever thing to do. WWF teamed up with Brazilian agency Grey 141 to raise awareness of deforestation in Brazil. Every four minutes the equivalent of a football field is clear cut, so what better medium to use than a football field to… Continue reading Why Football Matters

Bloody Loyalty

I’ve met some fiercely loyal supporters of football clubs. Ones that have tattoos of, have named children after, and would do just about anything for their club. Intense. And emosh. This begs the question: what would you do for your club? Would you give some blood? (I would)