This Because

My good friend Zoe has just set up quite a brilliant thing: This Because. This Because is a website containing a carefully curated collection of products that are made resourcefully and help people live generously. It gives you a selection of products that aren’t just self-serving, products that benefit others in the process – be… Continue reading This Because

Ten Years of Style

The Sunday Times Style Magazine celebrated it’s tenth anniversary this weekend with a lovely press and poster campaign and a special issue of Style in today’s paper. I love this. Both the words and the ‘stitched’ typography. Probably even enough to start reading the Times ..

The Search for Second-hand Clothes

Inspired by the lovely Liv (@theendofthenew) I decided 2012 would be the start of me buying as few new clothes as possible. Women in the UK waste £1.6 billion on clothes they’ll never wear and 1.2 million tonnes of this goes to landfill. Not so good for wallets or the environment. In my bid to… Continue reading The Search for Second-hand Clothes

Plastic Fashion? No thanks.

For some strange reason, at this moment in time, littering the pages of many glossy magazines is plastic. Plastic fashion. I do love fashion. And I do love a good read through of a glossy magazine. But I don’t love plastic fashion. “Plastic, c’est fantastic“, “plastic is so S/S ’11“. It’s really not. Maybe it’s… Continue reading Plastic Fashion? No thanks.