Plastic Fashion? No thanks.

For some strange reason, at this moment in time, littering the pages of many glossy magazines is plastic. Plastic fashion.

I do love fashion. And I do love a good read through of a glossy magazine. But I don’t love plastic fashion. “Plastic, c’est fantastic“, “plastic is so S/S ’11“. It’s really not.

Maybe it’s got the whole vintage appeal and plays on peoples memories of jelly shoes and bobble hair accessories. And don’t get me wrong, I did love my jelly shoes when I was young. I even wore some terrible opal jelly platforms from Le Chateau to my grade eight graduation. (Fashion victim, I know). But, I don’t fully understand why plastic fashion has made a comeback. More and more mags are covering ethical fashion and sustainable styles yet plastic has still managed to creep its way in to spring/summer.

So here are a few suggested alternatives to plastic fashion for any conscious person out there who cringes the way that I do at the thought of more plastic being produced.

  • This looks like plastic, feels like plastic and well, it is plastic. But it’s recycled plastic. Like these bags turned into a corset, and these suits made from plastic bottles. Or how about these shoes made from plastic bags? (Admittedly not the most attractive footwear, but you know, they’re unique)
  • Check out Plastic Seconds. They do hand made accessories from plastic that can’t be recycled.
  • Buy vintage, like someone else’s old jelly shoes. It’s really a better shout than it sounds. Plenty of bargains and gems to be found! And you’d be giving something old and lovely a new lease of life.

Despite my love of trends, I’ll be passing on this plastic one. Unless I happen to stumble across something at my local charity shop.


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