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29 Posters for the Planet

‘Walk’ By Vaughan Oliver

This month Do The Green Thing in collaboration with WWF UK and Pentagram have launched 29 Posters for a Planet, a collection of inspiring posters made by world class creatives in support of Earth Hour. Earth Hour is the world’s largest mass participation event, where people switch their lights off between 8:30-9:30pm on March 29th to show their commitment to the planet.

This year’s contributor list is impressive. Supporters include Roald Dahl childrens’ book illustrator Sir Quentin Blake, Obama’s 2012 Design Director Josh Higgins, fashion designer Paul Smith, Google Labs Creative Director Tom Uglow and many more.

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Lights Out

do the green thing poster

Following the success of 23 Posters, Do The Green Thing have decided to release a new on each week. This week’s is ‘Lights Out” by design Studio Hudson Powell and is by a mile my favourite of the collection. So sweet.


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23 Posters

Marina Willer


In the count down to Earth Hour, Do The Green Thing (quite possibly the most brilliant environment charity of all-time) is releasing a new poster everyday. Falling in line with Do The Green Thing’s mission of creativity vs. climate change, they’ve rallied together world class creatives and asked them to contribute a poster to the campaign. So here’s a small sampling. Do check out: Do The Green Thing Tumblr to see the full lineup and to buy a limited edition print.

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One Year and 8 Months Doing The Green Thing

When I first came across Do The Green Thing, my first thought was was ‘Wow. They’re brilliant’. My second was ‘I want to work there’.

I *patiently* waited for about 2 and a half years, always keeping tabs on their content and website, hoping one day I’d be able to join their team. That day came in April 2010. Since then I’ve have been super lucky to have worked with such talented and wonderful people on a really good cause.

But all good things must come to an end and I’ll soon be moving on.

Working at Do the Green Thing can be unpredictable: my 5th day on the job I was asked to interview Ben Fogle, in the summer I appeared on a Mexican TV channel, and I was once sent to Scotland to help showcase the world’s first biodegradable tent.

Also my sitting room from time to time turns into a sewing room.

Do The Green Thing is an exciting and creative place to work and if you like the sounds of that then definitely apply.

I’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Naresh and Andy for everything they’ve taught me and the opportunities they’ve given me. I feel so lucky to have worked with both of them and their world class talent. SO lucky.

And of course there is Kim. Everyone needs a Kim. I haven’t met a harder working person. And it pains me to say I know someone who is more organised that me.

One of the best things about Do The Green Thing is the people. The masses of volunteers, interns, producers, designers, writers, thinkers, etc .. that lend their time and skills is incredible. James, Jo, AWO, Hayden, Liz, Liv, Vicki, Zoe and Jay: thank you for making life at green thing fun, easy and brilliant.

So what’s next for me?

Properly launching Laces Community Club into the world and very likely more work in sustainability.

Stay tuned.


The Joy of Sugru

This is the newest piece of Do The Green Thing content and I must say, it’s pretty magical.

The film was put together by lovely Liv and it’s the story of bringing things back to life when you fix them. It’s also a delightful little advert for Sugru. If you’ve never heard of Sugru, please leave this blog post now and google it. It will change your life. Fact.

Sugru is a tiny packet full of endless opportunity. It helps you fix, make, mend and enhance pretty much anything. This is a wimpy example but I used it to fix a cracked handle on this mug that was given to me as a secret santa present three years ago.

If you want to see some actually impressive Sugru hacks, check out their gallery. Happy hacking!