DIY Football Handmade

A Fix for Footy Nets

I am 5’2 and half. If I stand really tall I can be 5’3. this makes me about two whole feet too short to reach up to the top bar in a football goal. Why is this information relevant you might ask? Because most weekends, Saturdays and Sundays I (and I’m sure many other football players, parents and coaches) have the rather frustrating task to putting up the football nets on full 8 foot goals.


The Joy of Sugru

This is the newest piece of Do The Green Thing content and I must say, it’s pretty magical.

The film was put together by lovely Liv and it’s the story of bringing things back to life when you fix them. It’s also a delightful little advert for Sugru. If you’ve never heard of Sugru, please leave this blog post now and google it. It will change your life. Fact.

Sugru is a tiny packet full of endless opportunity. It helps you fix, make, mend and enhance pretty much anything. This is a wimpy example but I used it to fix a cracked handle on this mug that was given to me as a secret santa present three years ago.

If you want to see some actually impressive Sugru hacks, check out their gallery. Happy hacking!