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Fairphone 2

Fairphone are on a mission: disrupt the mobile phone sector. No big deal, right? Whilst this may seems like a massive feat,  competing with the Apples and Samsungs of the world,  they’re totally doing it. With 60,000 phones of their first model sold – many of which were pre-ordered with a long wait time – it’s obvious that there’s demand.


The Joy of Sugru

This is the newest piece of Do The Green Thing content and I must say, it’s pretty magical.

The film was put together by lovely Liv and it’s the story of bringing things back to life when you fix them. It’s also a delightful little advert for Sugru. If you’ve never heard of Sugru, please leave this blog post now and google it. It will change your life. Fact.

Sugru is a tiny packet full of endless opportunity. It helps you fix, make, mend and enhance pretty much anything. This is a wimpy example but I used it to fix a cracked handle on this mug that was given to me as a secret santa present three years ago.

If you want to see some actually impressive Sugru hacks, check out their gallery. Happy hacking!


Gary Neville, you legend.

As certain teammates of footballer Gary Neville make headlines for their off the pitch activities, not limited to failed super injunctions and hookups with prostitutes, Neville is currently in the spotlight (and worthy of it) for some of the good he’s done and for his imminent retirement from professional football.

Neville, who has the most caps for a right back for the England squad, and who was captain of Manchester United’s captain for five years, played his last match tonight at Old Trafford. His testimonial match versus Juventus saw the reunion of other footballing legends, like David Beckham and Peter Schmeichel, to play alongside Neville in his final game.

Apart from his football skills and sport legacy, Neville deserves kudos for his green credentials. Yes, he’s quite environmentally sound. Not so long ago he was granted planning permission for building an eco-bunker. And for his testimonial match tonight, he insisted that the entire match – from the floodlights to the energy used for boiling water for tea – come from wind energy. It was one of the first ever football matches powered by wind energy. Also, something that deserves a mention is the fact that some of the £2 million raised tonight will be donated to charity. Good stuff Gary, way to be an actual role model.

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