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10 Years With Lee

We made this video at Pentagram to showcase some of the work that the partners do. This one features William Russell, an architect who is a very inspiring, very talented man. My eyes well up every time I watch this.

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Introducing Marta Larsson, Jewellery Designer Extraordinaire

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There are some people you meet who are so incredibly passionate about what they do and their enthusiasm is contagious. Marta Larsson is one of these people. A self-made jewellery designer, Marta’s pieces are all made by hand, no two being the same. All of her pieces feature raw unpolished stones, her favourite medium to work with.

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A Softer World


A couple of years ago, my friend Lorena introduced me to the website ‘a softer world’. Since then it’s the first thing I check in my RSS feed everyday.

Emily Horne takes the photos and works on the design of the comics and Joey Comeau writes the copy. Beautiful stuff. Here are a couple of my favourites.

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Lights Out

do the green thing poster

Following the success of 23 Posters, Do The Green Thing have decided to release a new on each week. This week’s is ‘Lights Out” by design Studio Hudson Powell and is by a mile my favourite of the collection. So sweet.


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23 Posters

Marina Willer


In the count down to Earth Hour, Do The Green Thing (quite possibly the most brilliant environment charity of all-time) is releasing a new poster everyday. Falling in line with Do The Green Thing’s mission of creativity vs. climate change, they’ve rallied together world class creatives and asked them to contribute a poster to the campaign. So here’s a small sampling. Do check out: Do The Green Thing Tumblr to see the full lineup and to buy a limited edition print.

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3 Friends and Their Printing Press

This is such a lovely little film about Grafica Fidalga in Brazil.

More people need to do things that they love – or find joy in what they’re already doing.