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Sounds of change

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 23.13.45

This studio project from Hungry Boys is a lovely idea. Sounds of Change is an online music label that offers exposure and revenue a stream to street performers. For launch three buskers were chosen and given the opportunity to record in a studio. The tracks were then shared with music streaming services like Spotify and iTunes.

Design Projects I like

The Printed Pages


I came into work today to find the very first issue of It’s Nice That’s Printed Pages on my desk (thanks Rob!).

In a time where most publications are moving away from print in favour of electronic versions, It’s Nice That have moved in the other direction – and what a great move.


Future Women in Tech


This is a letter by a woman (@bitchwhocodes) to her niece is filled with both frustration and hope. As I was reading it, I couldn’t help but replace the word ‘female developer’ to lots of other male dominated vocations: Footballer; Engineer; Pilot; Supreme Court Judge. And the message is still the same. Male or female, it shouldn’t matter so long as you’re capable of doing your job and you do it well.

Art Clients Projects I like

My Favourite Illustrators

Some more love from Huntley Muir. When I sent over a list of things they needed to do (part of the digital strategy I’m helping them with) they sent me this in response:

(As in they are knuckling down). Best clients ever.

Oh and ps- this is the Olympic stamp they were commissioned to draw. Cool, eh?