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Brand Strategy Bingo

Brand strategies should be clear. Compelling. Deliberate. And yet, building one can sometimes feel like none of these things.

Every agency, company, and strategist may have their own terms and jargon when building a brand strategy. This can also vary depending on what market you’re working in. I find this confusing, so I made a lexicon of some of these seemingly interchangeable terms.

This is not exhaustive so please send me other terms to know to add to this.

Art Clients Projects I like

My Favourite Illustrators

Some more love from Huntley Muir. When I sent over a list of things they needed to do (part of the digital strategy I’m helping them with) they sent me this in response:

(As in they are knuckling down). Best clients ever.

Oh and ps- this is the Olympic stamp they were commissioned to draw. Cool, eh?