Fairphone 2

Fairphone are on a mission: disrupt the mobile phone sector. No big deal, right? Whilst this may seems like a massive feat,  competing with the Apples and Samsungs of the world,  they’re totally doing it. With 60,000 phones of their first model sold – many of which were pre-ordered with a long wait time – it’s obvious that there’s demand.

Fairphone want to make phones that are sustainable in all respects. The phones are free of conflict metals, easy to recycle and repair and are designed to last. The brand is also incredibly transparent. From the sites where the minerals have been mined to the breakdown of costing for each part in the phone, it’s made very clear the complexities that go in to doing the right thing.  Now that Fairphone 2 has come to market, you can watch this space as they firmly claim their space in the sector and set out to change an industry.