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The Things You Already Own

This video is worth 27 minutes and 53 seconds of your time. It’s more than a story about a brand doing something differently. It’s the story of a way of being; a life with more.

At a time of year where we are bombarded with messaging about buying and needing to own the latest and greatest things, Patagonia has emerged as a grounding force for people who value quality and the things they already own.

The Worn Wear initiative is incredibly refreshing. The idea that you’re buying something for life is the way it should be. Telling stories and creating emotive narratives around objects isn’t a new idea but it’s a powerful one. We all have items of clothing that we don’t want to get rid of. Ones that have traveled with us, been there for big moments, ones that carry a sentimental value. We keep these things. We treasure these things.


Bicycle Bingo Bonanza

What will you be doing on Thursday November 10th at 7pm? Going to London Bike Kitchen’s Bike Bingo night I hope.

That’s where I will be.

Set up by the lovely Jenny Gwiazdowski, London Bike Kitchen is a space where anyone pop in and learn how to repair their own bike. From fly by visits to intensive courses, the Bike Kitchen aims to teach people how to master their machine and gain confidence and skills in the process.

There’s a fantastic line up of entertainment, including Gwenno from the Pipettes as well as a skills auction and plenty of prizes to be won. Come out for a great night and show to your support!