Technology Tools

Remote working tools

When you work in a creative environment (and are social distancing or self-isolating), keeping close and collaborative can feel hard. Here’s a list of tools that can help that I’ve found useful.

Video calls

Whereby – A solid backup if Google Hangouts isn’t working. In this free version, we can have up to 4 people so good for small group chats. 
Slack – you can make video calls in platform


Google docs – Obvs. 

Designing / Making

Miro – like a collaborative whiteboard, complete with post-it notes
Figma – design platform for digital projects and products 
Marvelapp – great for prototyping or showing flat designs
Canva – thousands of design templates, really good for social posts
Postermywall – quick poster and flyer design with loads of templates
Slidesgo – thousands of Google slides / Powerpoint templates

Workshops with clients 

Mentimeter – amazing UX, lots of functionality
Slido – polls and engagement tool
Fun Retro – good for lists and reflection

Tasks and project management  


If you know of more that have worked for you, please share!

Digital Technology Tools

Some useful tools

Every project is different in terms of what’s needed for insight, so I like to capture and share ones I have used recently in case others find them helpful. Here’s a little roundup of ones from this week:

Atlas of Emotions – This interactive tool categorises human emotions and responses. It’s super cool and useful for self-reflection and managing teams.

Connected Life Report – The content of this annual report isn’t as interesting than the data comparisons that you can do. If you explore year-on-year differences and geographical comparisons, there are a lot of nuggets (like Brits use ad blocking more than any other geography)

Similar Web – Handy for all those times you *wish* you had access to a client or competitors Google Analytics. Using a combination of sources, including partner website data and open source data, you can get a snapshot of how a website compares to others and other helpful data like referral sources and ad effectiveness.

Communications Digital Technology Tools

Useful and free digital tools


Born from requests from friends, clients and collaborators, I’ve compiled a resource that lists some of the best free online tools to use for publishing, social media, measurement and market analysis. There are *so* many companies providing services and my list is not an exhaustive one. It’s just some tools that I find useful in the work that I do and hopefully you will too. And if there are any gems you think I’m missing, do let me know!

Click here to see the view the list.