A Fix for Footy Nets

I am 5’2 and half. If I stand really tall I can be 5’3. this makes me about two whole feet too short to reach up to the top bar in a football goal. Why is this information relevant you might ask? Because most weekends, Saturdays and Sundays I (and I’m sure many other football players, parents and coaches) have the rather frustrating task to putting up the football nets on full 8 foot goals.

These are the rather awkward clips that I used previously to attached the net to itself.

photo 2

Necessity is the mother of invention and with a little help from Sugru, I have solved my stress. Those little pouches full of fixing magic are now being sold in packs with magnets. It’s the perfect combo for hacking things better. Like nets.

To ensure my hack would work, I made a little model with the magnets on the fridge to know how many I’d need.

Then I began moulding and attaching and patiently waiting the 24 hours needed for it to dry.

photo 3

The next day, just like magic I tested the nets on the shower rod in the bathroom. Sure enough, the hack held and I will now have 2 extras hours every weekend. I’m also going to feel incredibly smug like I’ve won something.

Thank you Sugru, you’ve made my life better. Seriously.

Ps- During my fixing my scissors broke. They came apart. So I sugrued those as well.

photo 5

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