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Crimes Against the Environment

When I was a kid, my sister and I used to love Red Truck Tuesday. It was the day when a special red rubbish truck would go around the neighbourhood and collect peoples big unwanted items to divert them from landfill. Missy and I used to find all sorts of treasures just siting on the curb, including one of these:

Fisher Price Car

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Time For Tea

This year as I get ready for Christmas, I’m particularly proud of this little contraption I’ve made. (It’s a tea cake stand made from old records, just in case you couldn’t tell)

You can get the fittings from Amazon for a few quid.

And the records from a charity shop. 3 for £1. Bargain!



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Christmash Craftertoon

Beccy and Hannah, the lovely pair behind the Crafternoon Tea Club bring you this ‘Christmash’ spesh: an evening of re-gifting, re-distributing, re-packaging and other low carbon creative fun. Oh and free booze and fabulous music. Go on, tell all your friends.