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Why You Should Smile At Your Bus Driver

Being a bus driver in London is a tough gig. A earlier this year, a report was released revealing the high numbers of abuse bus drivers receive. Whilst the majority verbal abuse,¬†around a thousand recorded each year, the second biggest threat was physical abuse.¬†That’s crazy. Imagine someone attacking you for simply trying to do your job. Imagine having to sit behind protective glass whilst at work to protect you from aggressive people.

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Mobility 2025

Last week I did this short interview with on how I imagine the future of sustainable transport. As a glass half-full kind of person, I spoke mostly about new ideas and innovation.

If you’re interested in finding out more you can follow the Mobility 2025 conference taking place tomorrow is Paris. Eco-Mobility TV will be bringing together mobility experts, journalists and bloggers to debate about the future of mobility. You can also watch more interviews people gave in advance of the event.

You can watch it live here and also follow it on twitter using the hashtag #2025.


London by Bus

This is the kind of video I wish I made. Beautiful, isn’t it?

It certainly would have given me something to do in the 10 + hours a week I spend commuting by bus.