Show Andiamo Some Love

Andiamo needs your help. The tiny London based social venture is running a campaign on Indiegogo to raise the money needed to prototype their idea.

Andiamo’s mission is to make 3D printed orthotics for children in a matter of days. In the current healthcare system it takes weeks, if not months for this. And during this time circumstances may change – diseases may have progressed, disabilities may have changed.

Founders Naveed and Samiya Parvez spent years taking their son to various appointments, waiting for fittings and seeing different specialists before receiving a back brace that would make his life more manageable. Their idea, Andiamo (named after their son) is driven by human centred design, based on the users need. The experience of scanning for 3D printing is far less invasive and time consuming than using plaster.

The beauty about crowdfunding is that projects like this, deemed too risky by traditional investors can rally support. So please back this. Back something that matters. Something that could change an incumbent system, and, most importantly, something that will change lives.

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