PMQ: Championing Culture and Creativity

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Occupying thousands of square feet in Hong Kong’s Soho area is PMQ a new creative cultural hub. PMQ used to be the site of the police married quarters, a space where junior police officers from the mainland would house their families. In the early 2000s, long after the premise had been vacated from its original function, the space faced an uncertain fate.

After an injection of cash from the government, investors and NGOs, the space has been transformed into working studios, boutique shops and event space, all residing in the 140 single dormitory rooms with a connecting open terrace, full of planted bamboo and interesting furniture. 

The space is impressive both in scale and design. You can spend hours wandering in and out of studios. And the range of events and activities taking place is extensive, including sewing workshops, cooking classes, silversmithing, leather making and knitting sessions. 

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I attended a jewellery making class at The Little Finger and having had no experience working with metal, let alone a blow torch, I was dubious that in three hours I would create something worthy of wearing. Miraculously (and with plenty of help from the course tutor) I made this bangle.

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Critics mar the space, citing an obvious commercial agenda as the driving force. Whilst you do feel a strong brand presence (not limited to a sizeable Hermès exhibition), the complex does enable young, emerging artists, designers and creators to launch their businesses in the heart of Hong Kong, an opportunity most certainly wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Hermes at PMQ

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