Map Notebooks

Homemade map journal

Falling in line with the Robinson/Hui family tradition of homemade Christmas presents, this year I chose to work with one of my most favourite things: maps. Back in the summer I went to Hay-on-Wye (great place, ps) and I got an old atlas that was missing pages and a bit tattered. I also had a lot of scrap paper and a 2010 cat calendar. So I made map notebooks. It was super easy and quite satisfying.

The steps are as follows:


Fold scrap paper in half to hide the side that has been used.


Bunch the paper together and apply book binding glue along the spine. Use butterfly clips to hold it together.


Let the glue dry overnight. Use book binding tape (or duct tape) to cover the spine and then glue whatever paper you’d like to the inside and outside of the first sheet of paper to make the cover.


And there you go. Map book!


I tried lots of different variations too, like hole punching paper and using ribbon to bind the book.

DIY map book

And using duct tape on the outside of the spine just to change things up.

map book

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