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Ethical Fashion in the Age of Austerity

Last night, I popped into the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green to check out an event hosted by Papered Palour, called “Ethical Fashion in the Age of Austerity. The evening was full of live workshops, great speakers, loads of activities and plenty of craft stalls. Such a brilliant night.

Making and mending are increasingly growing as a trend in the fashion and consumer goods world. Instead of buying cheap things, there’s a move towards buying sustainable, long lasting, adaptable and mendable things. Things that don’t cost you or the earth.

Make and mend are two words that have a lot of meaning to me and my family. Growing up my mum made everything. I’m talking about EVERYTHING. Christmas presents, toys, clothing, curtains, sometime curtains turned into clothing (yes, just like in the Sound of Music). My sister on the other hand, inherited the ‘fixit’ gene, and whilst my mum can make anything, my sister can fix anything. She was only 2 years old when she figured out single-handedly how to removed the bathroom door from its hinges. Terrifying.

And then there’s me. I think I’m more of a maker. And, last night at the Museum of Childhood, I was reminded of the satisfaction and pride you feel when you make something. And I decided that I’m going to continue to make things on a regular basis from now on.

Check out this wallet I made from an old apple juice tetra pack, thanks to instructions from The Otesha Project UK.

Then a few folds later:

And then …

An adorable, sustainable, handmade wallet.

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