Values as Currency

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TENT is a collaborative working space in London’s Kings Cross area housing startups, individuals and entrepreneurs and a range of diverse people. In a building that will be demolished in a few years time, co-founders Simon and Laura Willows have created something wonderful in what would otherwise have been a vacant, lifeless space.

Simon and Laura share that “TENT isn’t a business and isn’t run by staff. It depends on its members to make it function – everyone helps with practical tasks to keep things running smoothly”.

It’s like a socially-minded, collaborative version of private members clubs Like Soho House. 

TENT relies on it’s members to adopt a set of shared values that keep the space running and keep supporting important projects they all believe in. Members donate their time and money. It could be they are helping refurbish furniture in the space to make it nice, or sharing skills and contacts and supporting each other. Each month, members collectively decide how the money is spent and where 50% of it should go each month. This is usually a local or international charity. Members also serve together at the local food bank. 

I really love TENT’s business model and way of operating. It’s refreshing.

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