Soccer Aid: England v. The Rest of the World

What a good idea. Get together a bunch of veteran professional footballers and celebrities in Old Trafford stadium and raise money for UNICEF. This year’s England squad included: Robbie Williams (Boy band singer), Alan Shearer (football legend) and Jamie Redknapp (veteran footballer). The rest of the world’s team included Zidane (football god), Gordon Ramsey (celebrity chef), Ryan Giggs (Manchester United player) and Mike Myers (Canadian actor). My favourite player on the pitch was definitely Olly Murrs. Olly, most famous for being the runner up of X -Factor is quite the player!

He owned the right wing for the first half of the match and had a really good work rate. Second half, he helped assist Sherringham in his goal, ducking so that he could take the header. Yes, Olly, I saw that clever little tuck you did.

It was a great game, really funny and light-hearted- something we rarely see in the football realm. The best remark from commentators was ‘Alan Shearer, denied by an Irish comedian.’ Hilarious- and true.

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