Old Dress Turned Yoga Mat Carrier


This beautiful dress needed a new lease of life. You see, it had a pretty big hole in it from an incident that involved climbing a fence. Not good. And not very lady like. The material very nice and a shame to go to waste so I decided to repurpose it into a yoga mat carrier. Here’s how ..

1. Take apart the material with a stitch ripper along the seams.

2. Sew together pieces to form the bottom of the case. Use the other big piece to form the main part of the case and sew sides together.

3. Iron the sash on the dress so you can then sew it in as the strap.

4. Find an object to use as a drawstring. In this instance, I used a shoelace.


5. Yoga mat case. Done.

It was super easy, taking only about 20 minutes.

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