Get Wired Roundup

On a beautifully sunny afternoon a couple weeks a go, some of the SI Camp team, alongside students, service designers, web developers and creative types ventured to Downham Market for a day of social innovation. The purpose of the day was to create and develop new ideas for the Downham area that would make it a better place to live for young people in the community. Joined by several members of the King Lynn and Westnorfolk council, some 35 people worked on 4 ideas, that were born from a morning brainstorming session.

Get there

Get there is a better ways of co-ordinating transport for young people getting around the area. The idea was to centre transport around activities so people could lift share and make it easier to get around. A young person could use their social network to find out where friends are going and when. It’s kind of like Dopplr but for young people in a community

Building Futures

Quite often when a planning notification goes up in a community, people don’t know about it, or have any say in the proposed development. The premise behind Building Futures is creating a platform where members of the community can have input into the consultation process and in planning projects. Citizens could vote on propsed ideas and enter some of their own for an area.


This idea was a way for young people to find out what’s going on in their local area as well as create events and things to do. Both web and mobile based young people can find out what’s happening. AreUbored was able to present a demo during the presentations of their texting service.

Good Job

It’s really hard for young people to find work, and even harder in a small community. Good Job is a platform that allowed young people to find odd jobs like painting, cleaning, building a shed, and other work. Young people can earn some cash while connecting different generations of people. The idea explored an ebay like rating system for young people who complete jobs to serve as a reference and encourage others to hire young people for help.

A big thanks to all of the participants, the Young Foundation and King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Council for making the day a success. Special thanks to Unboxed Consulting for sending along members of their development team, Chris Brooker from the University of West England for rallying together his design students but also for making the journey all the way from Bristol and to Dave O’Dwyer, for helping us bring the internet to Downham.

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