My Canada Has Real Lakes

I know that Canada will see people from all around the world arrive for the June G20 summit. Impressions are important. But why is there a fake lake when we have so many real and beautiful ones? Yesterday saw the announcement of an a million dollar fake lake in the summit headquarters to ‘impress foreign media’. It’s not just a waste of water, and resource, money, time- the list could go on….*sigh*.

Here’s an idea- send them on a boat tour of an actual lake, like for Lake Ontario, whose shores Toronto happens to be on. I know Lake Ontario is not the cleanest or bluest of Lakes. Nor does it have Muskoka chairs lined up all around it (like the fake Lake does). Canada has an immense number of lakes- something like 31,752. Well, now, we’ve got 31,753. Only one of them isn’t even real!

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