Green Thing’s Next Big Thing

When I first started working with Green Thing back in April, there was talk of Saved. There were sketches and ideas, photos and anecdotes of personal T-Shirt stories. Quite a few months later, after a few trial festivals, lots of help and countless volunteer hours, Saved is now live and free for the world to see!

The Saved initiative takes old unwanted T-Shirts and washes them, rebrands them with ‘Saved’ lettering and provides a little story about a T-shirt’s previous life. Everyone has T-Shirts kicking about, especially ones of sentimental value that may just be too hard to let go of (even if they are 2 sizes to small). We’ve had lots of famous people send in their shirts, like Imogen Heap, Professor Green and VV Brown to name a few. You could buy a T and end up with one that used to belong to Imogen Heap. That’s pretty cool.

Saved T-Shirt’s can be bought from Green Thing’s little shop online, and if you have old Ts to be Saved, send them in!

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