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Time Machines: Daniel Weil and the art of design

Time Machines: Daniel Weil and the art of design, curated by Martina Margetts is currently showing the Design Museum and is well worth a visit. Marcus Field, critic for the Evening Standard writes, “every design exhibition should be as thoughtful and engaging as this one”.

Daniel Weil is a designer, maker, thinker, teacher – and much more. After his arrival in London from Argentina in 1978 he attended, and then later taught at the RCA before setting up his own practice and then joining Pentagram as a partner in 1992.

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Why You Should Smile At Your Bus Driver

Being a bus driver in London is a tough gig. A earlier this year, a report was released revealing the high numbers of abuse bus drivers receive. Whilst the majority verbal abuse, around a thousand recorded each year, the second biggest threat was physical abuse. That’s crazy. Imagine someone attacking you for simply trying to do your job. Imagine having to sit behind protective glass whilst at work to protect you from aggressive people.

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Sit Here

Spotted in Notting Hill: a wonderful place to stoop.

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Football Photography

Next week, the incredibly talented Jenny Simmons will be showing some of her football photography at Shutterbug London, in support of Hackney Laces. Over the past year she has taken photos of the girls at training and during some of our ‘off the pitch’ activities. Here’s a sneak peak ..

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Bicycles, Bouquets and Bees, oh MY!

Ignoring the small matter that is my deathly allergy to bee stings, Petalon is my kind of business. It’s a brilliant combination of local, sustainable and beautiful. For just £20, Petalon offers people a lovely bunch of flowers sourced from the Flower Market based on what is freshest and in season and then they get delivered via bicycle to you. For every bouquet purchased, they donate £2 to the Capital Bee project, which aims to protect the declining bee population.

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How Not To Street Fundraise

Today I was approached by a ‘chugger’ on the street. It was raining. I felt bad. I stopped and listened to his pitch.

To be polite I will not mention the charity he was representing. He told me that for less than an hour of my pay each month I could sponsor a child in an impoverished nation providing them with clean water, education and food. It sounded like a good thing. Then, he went further and said I could even choose what country they are from, what age I want them to be and even said that I could become pen pals with my sponsored child. I’d get to see their report cards from school, receive monthly photos and have regular updates sent to me about the child’s life. All a bit too much.

Humanising donations can work – and quite well. People like knowing where their money goes and an emotive pitch surely helps with the amount being given, understanding around the seriousness of the issue and it can increase brand awareness.

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Introducing Marta Larsson, Jewellery Designer Extraordinaire

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There are some people you meet who are so incredibly passionate about what they do and their enthusiasm is contagious. Marta Larsson is one of these people. A self-made jewellery designer, Marta’s pieces are all made by hand, no two being the same. All of her pieces feature raw unpolished stones, her favourite medium to work with.

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This beer fridge is reason enough to carry my passport around with me. What a genius campaign – well done Rethink. I wonder if this means Molson Canadian is coming to bars and pubs in Europe soon?

Ps – Happy 146th Birthday Canada.



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YTFN’s 5th Birthday Bash



Tell all your friends! The Funding Network is turning five and they’re having a party. And, I’ve just found out that Hackney Laces will be one of the three projects listed above, pitching for funding. I’m both nervous and excited and would really love to have some familiar faces in the crowd, so please do come along!

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Feed and Read


Since taking a sabbatical from 11-aside football on Sundays I’ve been looking for something to fill the void, something to occupy those extra 6 hours on my weekend. And I think I’ve found it. Feed and Read. Cake and books. Best sunday ever, basically.