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Sit Here

Spotted in Notting Hill: a wonderful place to stoop.

Old Dress Turned Yoga Mat Carrier


This beautiful dress needed a new lease of life. You see, it had a pretty big hole in it from an incident that involved climbing a fence. Not good. And not very lady like. The material very nice and a shame to go to waste so I decided to repurpose it into a yoga mat carrier. Here’s how ..

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Orange Box Shelf

photo (4)

This week I found these treasures near my house in a skip. Rather conveniently when stacked, these orange boxes make an excellent bookshelf.

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Bicycles Made from Old Cars

Rather that rot in a junkyard, these guys are turning old cars into bicycles. What an amazingly appropriate upcycle. A highly polluting vehicle to a zero-emissions one. Lovely stuff.

DIY Florescent Light Cover

My friend Diego is quite the clever one. He is a dental technician (he makes tooth implants) and has lots of long bright lights in his office. To make the lighting less harsh he has made these light shades from old card board tubes. Impressive, right?